Spiritual Chapter 33 - "The Ten Evil Sins"
From: Spiritual Book 02 - "The Pearl of Wisdom",
Author: M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (may God be pleased with Him)

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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim.  In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate.  Al-salam 'alaykum wa-rahmat Allah wa-barakatuhu kulluhu.  May all the peace, the beneficence, and the blessing of God be upon us all.  May God help us all.

Text of Chapter 33:


Dear son, intermingled in man's body are ten evil sins which are the cumulative effect of various births.  They are lust, hatred, miserliness, delusion, bigotry, malice, arrogance, self-aggrandizement, resentment, and vengeance.

Their potentialities are as follow:

1.  Lust: Desire for excessive wealth and food, attachment to children and 
2.  Hatred: Thoughts of causing harm to others.
3.  Miserliness: Not wanting to give away (even) a little from one's wealth, not 
even to the saints.
4.  Delusion: Excessive attachment to children and grandchildren, and 
lamenting with greed for more.
5.  Bigotry: Pride of wealth.
6.  Malice: Envy and jealousy over the enjoyment of others, even if one equally 
enjoys it himself.
7.  Arrogance: Performing false charity and sacrifice in order to gain the
admiration of others.
8.  Self-aggrandizement: Boastful talk of superiority over others in wealth, 
intelligence, and influence.
9.  Resentment: Bearing ill will, and wishing ones own grief on others.
10. Vengeance: Wishing revenge on those who have harmed him.

These ten evil sins fill the body and degrade the Manu-eesan (Man-the-divine or True Man).  

In the various Hindu epics, authored by the ancient rishis, you will find ten characters, each of whom was guilty of one of these ten evil sins.

For example, the evil sin of attachment is attributed to Narahasuran, the Asura of hell (who according to the epics belongs to the netherworld, and is said  to be the chief among the enemies of the gods).

Malice is an evil sin attributed to Puhasuran (a sub-human being), King Duryodhanan, the evil-minded son of Emperor (Dhrtarastra), is suppose to have been guilty of miserliness.

While greed is identified with Emperor Dhrtarastra (who was said to have been both physically and spiritually blind, according to the epics)

(These are only a few examples of the ten persons who are said to have suffered with these ten evil sins, each with his perspective evil sin).

They had shaken the world and troubled and harassed the people.  They had caused the deities to tremble, and had subdued them.  They had ruled the virtuous men and the virtuous women.  They had controlled the saints, the wise men, and the enlightened ones.

O Son, you should try to severe each of these karmic evil deeds through wisdom and intelligence.  You should differentiate between good and evil (within you), and learn to realize the Primal One (within you).

You should cleanse your heart and adopt only what is good.  You should love only the esteemed resonance of God, the resonance of "om..reeng", with a heart full of compassion.  You should always praise the Lord who exists and rules the heart.

O Son, if this is not done, the bodies of those who are guilty of these ten evil sins will be visited upon by ten corresponding diseases as a punishment by the Primal One.

These ten diseases will occur at the opportune times.  The Primal One will control, crush, and tighten the five senses.  The guilty will be burnt in hell fire.  They will be given the seven hells as their own dwelling place.

Therefore, my Son, learn and know each of these ten evils.

In the distant past, these ten persons, who were otherwise eminent and virtuous, fell prey to each one of these ten evil sins, and consequently suffered for the flaws in their characters.

The present age is different.  This is a cruel period.  Today, man engages himself in all of these ten evil deeds.

If Manu-eesan (Man-the-divine or True Man) desires to escape from these evils, he should use his wisdom very carefully and extricate himself from these sins.

Further, my Son, in order to clearly understand these evils and emerge victorious over them, you must look for a virtuous, truthful, and kind hearted Guru, who has received His Grace.

If you firmly place that Guru in your heart, He will pluck out the two medicines for good and evil from you.  

He will take the good medicine of Grace , pound it, and give it to you to cure you of your severe diseases.

This I swear.  Do not miss this opportunity.  If you fail to do this, you will not receive His Grace in this birth.  Consider this as a true instruction of Grace.

My Son, when you receive the instruction of a good Guru, and perform service to Him, you will be guided by Him into spiritual knowledge.

This initiation is of three components:

1.  Caused by the gaze of the Guru.
2.  Caused by physical contact with the Guru (this will come through His sacred
body touching you)
3.  Caused by His heart-thinking, and His giving instant initiation.

These three areas are the initiation of the Guru's care.  The greatness of this is beyond estimation.  That which cannot be achieved through thousands of years of meditation can be achieved in a few seconds.

O Son, the speed with which you can receive the Grace of the Guru's initiation depends on the intensity of the dhikr (meditation), and the invocation in your heart.

Further, O Son, the ten persons mentioned, who had indulged in the ten evil deeds were severely punished by God.  But the present generation, although it has studied all this, behaves senselessly.  They are fools who believe firmly in the world.  Let them be.

Each one of these ten characters committed only one sin and was punished for it by God.  It is not so today.  Now man commits all the ten evils and god is pleased! (that is, they have made the ten evil sins their god, that is why god is pleased).

He (the god of the ten evil sins) plays, dances, sings, and joins us in these sinful acts!  The places visited by god (by the god of the ten evil sins) are well known to the people and to the world.

It is said,

"A drinking house will not be vacant.  If there is no lust in this age, one will 
not see god.  He who is without greed is a traitor.  He who is not a thief is 
of worthless birth.  He who does not murder is a foe."

"He who does not utter falsehoods has no wisdom.  He who does not 
accept interest is evil.  He who does not know to frolic about with women is 
effeminate.  He who does not indulge in back biting is a coward.  He who is 
high in the evil deeds is great."

"Anyone who is unaware of this is a fool, and deserves no respect.  Such a 
person has no place in this world.  The god of today is helpless."

This and in several other ways do people speak and say,

"God is with that one single person who commits all the ten evil sins."

In the present age, my Son, you will see that their actions are accommodated in the world.  Today, evil deeds bear the name of god.  A god of evil deeds has been established by these people.  But this god will teach them only for a short time during their lives on this earth.

The Aathi (the Primal God within us) inflicted severe punishment on ten persons who each indulged in a single evil.  

The man of the present generation glorifies the ten evil deeds, and considers those who indulge in them, as men of greatness.  They do not know the enormity of the punishment the Aathi God intends for them.  They will know in a short time. 

O Son, gem of my eyes, listen.  You should not associate with this type of person.  Avoid them.

When you do so, the evil doer will attempt to kill you, and to eat you up.  You will be confused and look in the four directions.  These "animals" will surround you and tear you up.

Should you look towards the north, there will appear the striped tiger, the dog, and the fox.  Should you look towards the south, there will appear the scorpion, the snake, and the crocodile.  From the west a herd of elephants will slowly appear.  From the east will appear the bear and the hippopotamus.

Son, their noise will be one of lamentation.  It will disturb your life.  It will make you run away with awe.  Your common sense will be shattered.  The six consciousnesses will run away in fear.  Your life will be diminished.

Further, it will make the five karmic evils (arrogance, karma, and illusion, mind, and desire - the five dirts) enter your inner heart.

In order to avoid this, Son, gem of my eyes, let your heart be fearless, praise the Lord, seek the good and helpful nostalgic Guru, that you may effectively dispel this destructive demon, and obtain the grace of the virtuous Shaikh.

You must look for a holy Shaikh in order to receive the Grace of the Omniscient Allah, and to receive His graceful Glow, and the gracious exalted Magic of the divine word.

O Disciple, eyes of my eyes, O my son, with the fragrance of the compassionate Shaikh, you should be the fragrance and the perfect character among many perfect people.  Illuminate the world, O gems of my eyes!

(Amen, Amen, Ya Rabil Alameen.  Amen, Amen, Ya Rahman Alameen, Amen, Amen, Ya Rahim Alameen.  Al-hamdu lillah.  Allahu Akbar)

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- Chapter 33 -
"The Ten Evil Sins"
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